Give The Gift of Tea

Give The Gift of Tea

What do you get the Brit who has everything? (Because let's face it, if you're a Brit, you already have wit, charm, and an accent enviable by the entire North American continent...what more could you really want??)

A Brown Betty. 

Reaching peak popularity in the Victorian Era, Brown Betty teapots were - and still are -created from clay originating in the Stoke-On-Trent area. 

Why is it called a Brown Betty? The brown is easy. Traditional Brown Bettys are covered in a Rockingham Glaze, which gives it its brown color. The Betty? Well read what this American anglophile dug up on her blog "Tea in England": 

In the 1800’s no self-respecting house in England was run without at least one servant. As “Elizabeth” was a very popular name at that time, odds were that you had a servant named Elizabeth. And Elizabeth – shortened to Betty – would have served the tea. Some believe that the special brown teapot came to be known as a “Betty” or a “Brown Betty“. But no one knows for sure. 

Brown Bettys are the most historically English teapot, come with an excellent story, and brew the finest tea. What are you waiting for? Get the perfect gift

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