English Summer Cocktails

English Summer Cocktails

Say what you will, we maintain that an English Summer is the loveliest thing there is. Even though you're now residing in the (too bloody hot) United States, you can have a refreshing taste of home. Here are our favorite English summer cocktails: 

Earl Grey Martini 

You'll need (1.5 fl oz of) your favorite Earl Grey from our tea collection, 2 oz of gin, 3/4 oz of lemon juice, half an egg white, 1/2 fl oz of sugar syrup. This one will change your tea parties for the better! 

The Twinkle 

You'll need vodka, champagne, and elderflower cordial for this bubbly goodness! Mix to taste and drink up. 

Dark and Stormy

The easiest of the lot, all you need is some dark rum to mix into your ginger beer. They say this is the (unofficial) drink of Bermuda, but let's not forget that the Gosling brothers (of Gosling rum) were originally from Kent. 


Get some London Dry Gin (2 oz should do it for round one) and add 2/3 oz of Rose's Lime Cordial and you'll have a smashing, authentic British cocktail to impress your guests.

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