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Add Some Excitement to Your Morning Coffee

If you want a great-tasting energy drink that helps you work hard and play harder, look no further than Irn Bru Energy Drink. It tastes like a blast from the past. We've imported the best Scottish ingredients to give you the most authentic Irn Bru experience. Get a delicious drink from one of these America's largest sellers of Irn Bru cans.

Improve Your Day with Irn Bru

Have a blast with an energy drink packed full of international flavors! Taste the greatness from a country that inspires so much awesomeness. Irn Bru Energy Drink is the drink that will get you through the day. Irn Bru can reach coast to coast with Irn bru 330ml & Irn bru 550ml cans and bottles.

Taste The Excitement of Irn Bru

Energy drinks will give you a boost - every time! Irn Bru is a perfect choice whenever you need a caffeine fix but don't want coffee or cola as it's not acidic or bitter. Irn Bru is a premium quality soft drink that contains carbohydrates. An Irn Bru gift pack is a great way to treat yourself or show a friend or loved one just how much they mean to you. Choose from a selection of our refreshing drinks, including Irn Bru, to give you a bit of a pick-me-up during your day - without giving you the sluggish feeling other soft drinks might give you!

Shake Up The Competition With Irn Bru Sugar-Free

Tickle your taste buds with a taste of British culture that is both traditional and tasty with Irn Bru Energy Drink from Irn Bru. Irn Bru is a delicious Scottish soft drink enjoyed worldwide for generations. If you love British food, this is the perfect place! We have everything from Irn Bru Energy Drink and much more. Searching for British food near me? Shop now from our British store.

The Best Tasting Energy Drink Ever

The taste of Scotland. The energy of life. The IRN Bru energy drink is a delicious blend of the finest ingredients, ready to get you going. Irn Bru's natural caffeinated taste awakens an individual’s senses with a unique and exciting taste experience. Drink a can anytime, day or night, to boost your energy levels. Irn Bru's refreshing taste is distinctly different from any other cola beverage today. Order now from our British shop.

Why Choose IRN Bru?

Tried And True - It is the country's best-selling soft drink. Irn Bru has been loved for generations and comes in flavors like orange and lemon.

Keep Going Strong -Irn Bru has a reduced sugar formulation with fewer calories but great taste. So keep on going strong all day long.

More Fizz For More Energy - Give you a burst of energy every day with Irn Bru sugar-free, containing no sugar or calories.

Irn Bru Sugarfree - You're finally able to enjoy this classic drink without the added sugar or calories.

Irn Bru Original - Made from iced barley brew; delicious taste combines apple, lemon, and winter berries.

Health Benefits of IRN Bru

Replace Your Coffee -Irn Bru provides a new way to refresh yourself. Containing 60mg caffeine (10% of RDA), it contains vitamins B1 and B3, which can help in concentration, and vitamin C, which helps your immune system.

Antioxidant Level - Irn Bru is fortified with antioxidants (A, C), which protect against cardiovascular disease, cancer, stroke, and cognitive decline.

Supports Energy Levels - If you don't need caffeine, then the Irn Bru sugar-free version could work just as well, containing a moderate amount of caffeine (4mg) while also containing four times as much Vitamin C per serve than a glass of orange juice. We at  British Food Supplies provide a complete range of Irn bru including Irn bru cans, irn bru 330ml, irn bru 550ml, and Irn bru sugar-free to choose from. We can assure you about product quality as we are a trusted and reliable British food store.

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