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Discover an Early Morning Pick-Me-Up

We at British Food Supplies offer a great-tasting Nesquik Banana Milk that is nutritious and helps individuals maintain a healthy immune system. As it contains Calcium & Vitamin D, it is a great help in developing bones in children.

Maybe your kids get bored of the same flavor every day, don’t worry; we have a variety of flavors so that there won’t be any reason to say no to this yummy drink. So, refuel your kids with our Nesquik strawberry or chocolate banana milk without any hesitations. Buy Nesquik Banana Milk from British Food Supplies now.

Feeling Bored With Plain Milk?

Add a delicious treat to your kids’ Nesquik Banana Milk! With sweetened condensed milk, chocolate flavoring, and banana extract, this is a perfect drink for kids ages 3+. Search for British food near me and shop for Nesquik Banana Milk and other favorite flavors at British Food Supplies USA.

Taste Test The Best Fruit Flavored Milks

Most kids don’t like plain milk as they don’t like its typical taste but milk is necessary for the growth and bone development of the kids. So, we are here with an exciting range of flavors of  Nesquik banana milk to add great tastes.

Get your kids' day started with our perfect flavored banana milk drink to add excitement to their lives. Shop from British Food Supplies now.

Nesquik Banana Milk Made Easy

Make any day feel like a special occasion with Nesquik Banana MilkTM. Now available at select retailers near you. Nesquik is everyone’s favorite Chocolate Milk. It has a unique taste guaranteed to come back for more.

How to use it?

Add two teaspoons of Nesquik milkshake powder to the semi-skimmed milk glass to enjoy its benefits. Add required nutrition to your kids' life to deliver a healthy diet and lifestyle. Grab your Nesquik Banana Milk now.

Why Drink the Banana Milk?

Health Benefits of Nesquik Milk

Rich In Fruits - Nesquik Banana Milk contains only fruit purees. It is rich in Vitamin C, Calcium, Potassium, and Iron which are vital nutrients needed in everyday diet.

Great as a Breakfast Drink - Nesquik Banana Milk is perfect as a breakfast drink; try it with toast or cereal, combine it with fresh fruit such as apples or bananas, or mix it up in a blender with some ice cubes!

Tasty Treat For Kids - Many kids love Nesquik Banana Milk because it is a great way to enjoy their favorite milkshake flavor without sugar; even better when they can make their milkshake at home!

Low fat - Nesquik Strawberry milk contains only 1% fat.

Natural ingredients - There are no artificial flavors or preservatives used in any Nesquik milk products

Delicious Taste - When you're looking after family members who don't like milk or dairy products, it can be tough to find a healthy option that tastes as good as Nesquik Banana Milk does.

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