Williamson Large Elephant Modern Paisley (Earl Grey 40 teabags 100g)

Best Before Date (mm/dd/yyyy) - 12/31/2023


Williamson Tea’s classic Elephant Tea Caddy receives a stylish Modern Paisley makeover. The pattern is thought to have originated in Persia but takes its name from the small Scottish town whose weavers created so many shawls with the motif during the 1800s. Paisley’s global story somewhat mirrors the wonderful Earl Grey Teabags contained within this beautiful airtight, resealable and refillable caddy. Smooth and fragrant black tea grown in Western Kenya – where cranes, hornbills, butterflies and dragonflies flit out of the neighbouring forests over the Kaimosi farm – is combined with oil from Mediterranean Bergamot oranges, and is now enjoyed throughout the world.

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