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It's Almost Pudding Time

There's nothing better than British pudding when it comes to quality desserts. A great snack just became easier to find! You'll love our British Pudding made with 100% natural ingredients - especially when served warm. You'll never want to go back once you've tried a taste!

American Toast with a Touch of Home

Taste the traditional British pudding! And we know it. You can add a dash of British flavor to any meal with our pudding. From sweet to savory, pudding is the perfect addition to any meal. Suppose you are looking for sweets, cakes or even desserts. all made exclusively from British ingredients. Check out our selection of British pudding snacks to satisfy any craving. Purchase now by searching for British food near me at the British store!

Pudding for Every Occasion

British pudding - it's what families enjoy after a Sunday roast! Say hello to our range of traditional British Puddings! We offer a wide range of pudding types, including sticky toffee pudding, Mr Kipling puddings, Auntys puddings, Cadbury puddings, and many more! Made with love, just for you. Now, you can enjoy a taste of the UK without worrying about the cost. British Food Supplies is proud to offer you our top-quality pudding at an affordable price. Add To Cart!

Pudding Enthusiasts Rejoice

Our British puddings are the perfect combination of light, fluffy sponge, milk-rich custard, or rich chocolate sauce. You're guaranteed to remember that one time when mom served them. We import delicious British food favorites such as pudding, shortbread biscuits, and Tiptree Quince Jelly. Shopping Online Is convenient and Stress-Free with our British shop. Buy Our English Puddings Today and Get Them Delivered Directly To Your Door.

Buy British Pudding Online

Taste Like Home - British food supplies are among the few suppliers of British Pudding products.

No Preservatives - All the Aunty's products are preservative-free

Quality - Britain has a long history of developing quality food products - quality pudding being one of them.

Availability - Pudding is not just a favorite among the British; it is popular worldwide!

Enjoyment - One taste of Aunty's delicious baked apples is all it takes to understand why British pudding tastes so good!

A Variety of Puddings

British pudding is traditionally made from a rich sponge or vanilla sponge cake mixed with custard cream and boiled dried fruit mixed with fruits such as raisins, cherries, currants, or sultanas.

Whether you're looking for a quick breakfast or late-night snack, Aunty Patisserie has something to suit every taste, from light and creamy to denser sponge-based puddings.

We're one of Britain's most loved foods, not just because we come from Britain. Our rich, creamy texture is perfectly complemented by flavourful jam, curd or treacle, or a simple dusting of icing sugar and butter.

Enjoy A Generous Portion - Every Mr. Kipling pudding is made using a whopping 1/2 pint of thick custard - so there's plenty to share! With over 25 individual varieties on offer, there's always something new to try - from miniature puddings perfect for enjoying on the go to tarts bursting with jam, and nostalgic tastes of Britain.

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