Ogilvy's - Raw Zambezi Plains Organic Honey - 240g

Best Before Date - 11/17/2019


Created by Shamus Ogilvy, Ogilvy's Honey is a fairly new company who specialises in honey from around the world. From his home in Northamptonshire Shamus sells a range of honeys, each of single origin and 100% pure. You may think that all honeys taste the same, but after trying some of Ogilvy's honey, it's clear that isn't true. Raw Zambezi Plains Organic Honeys. Raw cold-pressed organic artisan honey found in the remote Miombo forests located at the head of the Zambezi River in Zambia. The indigenous people use the wildcrafting traditions dating back 500 years to produce this very special tropical blossom honey rich this in bioflavandoids. A dark, powerful honey with a distinctive redcurrant flavour and a lingering spicy finish. Perfect on its own or as a delicious topping with ice-cream. Strong in strength.

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