Lyle's Black Treacle (1 pound)


Treacle is a byproduct of sugar refining, similar to molasses, and is widely used in cooking and baking in the United Kingdom. Black treacle has a slightly burnt flavor that is somewhat stronger than that of molasses. It lends a powerful, rich flavor to toffee, breads, cakes, and sauces. The manufacturer, Tate & Lyle, was founded by the merger of two nineteenth-century sugar refineries in 1921 and is the UK's largest cane sugar refining company. The company also operates the world's largest sugar refinery and produces Domino Sugar in the United States. Lyle's Black Treacle comes in a charming red tin that is emblazoned with the company's bold mascot, the lion. Try it spread on warm bread or drizzled over puddings. It makes a deliciously different substitute for molasses in any recipe.

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