Ariel 3 In 1 Pods Regular Washing Capsules Liquitabs 12 Washes Case Of 3 Others


Ariel 3 in 1 pods - cleans, lifts stains, brightens The first 3 compartments detergent for 3in1 power, it cleans deep down, lifts off stains and brightens Each ariel 3in1 pod is pre-dosed, so there's no need to measure and pour Delivers the great performance of ariel as low as 30� for most of your loads One unit per wash (in soft to medium water and for light to medium soiled loads) This box contains 12 washing capsules With ariel, clothes became white and bright with much less effort Since 1968, ariel has developed a steady stream of progressive laundry detergent products These include step changes in cleaning and performance with activated bleach and whitening systems, the introduction of washing liquid for better dissolution and care of clothes, ground-breaking compaction technologies, and improved performance on specific stains With this washing up excel tab, ariel provides you with great cleaning performance for all your clothes

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