4 Cup Cobalt Blue teapot with infuser

4 Cup Cobalt Blue teapot with infuser


The secondary image indicates the actual color of Cobalt Blue Teapots & Accessories, Which is 'Color Pantone 295'.

A four cup cobalt blue teapot with infuser in the style of a Brown Betty teapot in the traditional English style. The Cobalt Betty Teapot is a new twist on the classic Brown Betty Teapot. Based on the original Brown Betty teapot design and specifications, this English teapot is manufactured in England to specifications dating back to the 17th Century. These are traditional teapots still made England from red terracotta clay. This teapot dates back to the end of the 17th Century and became very popular when tea became a symbol of Britain's greatest period of expansion and stability. Almost every home had a teapot, since tea was no longer considered an upper class beverage. The Brown Betty teapot was a basic teapot that was affordable for most people during this time. This teapot was also believed to make the best tasting pot of tea because of the type of clay that was used and the shape of the pot. The shape of the pot causes the tea leaves to be gently swirled around as the boiling water is added to produce a wonderful infusion. Rockingham glaze gives the Brown Betty teapot the deep, dark brown color that has made them famous and easily recognizable. The glaze also hides any tea stains from the tea oils.

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