Why Brits Should Care About Presidents' Day

Why Brits Should Care About Presidents' Day


Fun Fact - Presidents' Day isn't really about all of the past Presidents of the United States. 

There's a long history behind it, but the gist is this: In 1971, President Nixon combined George Washington's Birthday (February 22nd), Abraham Lincoln's Birthday (February 12th), and the country's desire to have more long weekends (we're not pulling your leg, take a look) into one nationally recognized holiday - Presidents' Day. 

So why should us brits be arsed? Well, here are more fun facts...

1) George Washington condemned the Boston Tea Party. He was a tea-lover just like us!! (OK, so that's not the real reason, but still, we'll count it as a win) 

2) Lots of historians think that George Washington was one of the first people to have a blended English/American accent, taking hints of a West Country accent and combining it with elements of the modern day Southern American accent. All of us British-born-American-raised hybrids can sympathize with this struggle! 

3) Abraham Lincoln's hat is a well known symbol of his presidency. Less well known? An Englishman was responsible for the design that inspired Abe's American hat maker. Trend setters from the start. 

4) It is rumored that Mary Todd Lincoln often used to send her sons to fetch Abe from his office for afternoon tea breaks. See? Full circle. It always comes back to tea. 

Point is, it's wonderful to live in the United States and maintain such deep ties to the UK, so why not embrace Presidents' Day and mix in a little bit of British charm? Shop with us this Presidents' Day weekend and use the promo code PRESIDENT for 15% off your entire order! 

Think of it as our gift to America. 

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