What is a Christmas Pudding?

What is a Christmas Pudding?

Over the years, Christmas puddings have evolved from a fasting meal, to plum pudding, to what is eaten today. 

Today, English Christmas puddings are made from dried fruits held together by egg and suet. They are often moistened with treacle and molasses and contain spices like cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, and ginger. Christmas puddings have a high alcohol content, which keeps them from going bad as they are aged anywhere from a month to a year. 

Christmas puddings are traditionally dried in a cloth, which is the reason for the cloth wrapping on some brands of modern day puds. They are commonly served with a rum sauce. A slightly less common accessory is a coin baked inside the pudding; whoever receives the coin in their serving is blessed with luck in the next year! 

Get your Christmas pudding and start a new tradition this year! 

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