Take The Turkey

Take The Turkey

Now that Thanksgiving is over (a lovely American holiday, we would like to add), we can finally get back to the REAL turkey business: Christmas. 

It's time we #TakeTheTurkey and remind everyone that there's nothing quite like an English Christmas dinner. 

Turkey was introduced to Britain by William Strickland - a traveler who acquired the birds on his journey to the Americas. It was quickly adopted as the traditional Christmas meal (especially after King Edward VII made it fashionable), although it was a luxury reserved for few until more recent years. 

Although the bangers, crackers, and roast veg are important as well, we can't imagine a Christmas dinner without a turkey. Apparently neither can anyone else! According to a survey by Express UK, "A staggering 87 per cent of people in the UK believe Christmas would not be Christmas without the traditional roast turkey at the table". 

What do you think? Will you #TakeTheTurkey from your American neighbors and serve it for Xmas this year?

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